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The Book of Spells

THE BOOK OF SPELLSwinter 2021/2022 “Book of Spells” is a witchcraft guide, which contains 150 spells and rituals. My task was to depict them in interesting modern form, yet with various symbols and details.I have made over 60 illustrations. Here I feature some of them. .Written by Ella Harrison.Published by DK books  

Opowiadanie Magazine

OPOWIADANIE I have illustrated 14 stories for International Short Story Festival which took place in Wrocław (Autumn, 2019)Illustrations were published in a magazine OPOWIADANIE, which was designed by AnoMalia studio.  During the festival an exhibition of illustrations took place – in Szewska Pasja gallery. Two illustrations that have not appeared in magazine were shown. ●●● Magazine is avaible online, and …